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Parade of the army of Suryavarman II (Angkor Wat, Cambodia, 12th Cen.)

     Welcome to the Dha Research Archive.  This is a free-access resource for those interested in the study and appreciation of the dha (also called dah, daab, darb or dai dao), a single-edged sword common through-out mainland South-East Asia, but often called "the national sword of Burma."

     What you will find on this site is a set of illustrated descriptions of the dha in my personal collection, and from the collections of contributors, plus some information on dha obtained from publicly-available sources or used by permission of its owner.  What you will not find are swords for sale.

     Latest news (please read):  Latest update July 28, 2007.  NEW NAME!  I was never very happy with calling it an "Index," not least because it was so flagrant a rip-off of Rick Stein's website name.  "Archive" seems more appropriate.  On the whole, this is a pretty minor update, adding one new article and a link, and fixing several small annoyances, and removing several unused pictures to free up server space.  The big addition is a counter (finally).  For some reason the ones inserted by my old website editor never worked.  I also have a new e-mail address (I moved from Cox to Comcast).  Some people have had trouble contacting me through this address, though, so if you have trouble, try contacting me via "" (as always, substitute the "#" with a "@").

     I am still trying to grapple with the sizeable backlog of sword submissions.  I am hoping that I can slowly chip away at it, so that all of you generous contributors can finally see your pieces become part of the collection. 

     One significant change that has been made is the phasing out of the now-obsolete Greaves-Winston typing system.  We have learned a lot since this was first developed, and we are able now to define types more appropriately along ethnic lines.  As noted, not all of the pages have been updated with the new typology, but I hope to have everything updated, and the backlog taken care of, in the next month or so.

     If you have any questions or comments about the site, its contents, or the swords shown, or would like to contribute to the site, please send me an e-mail at (replace the # with a @ -- I had to take out the automatic e-mail address because I was starting to get spam and virus attacks, I assume due to spiders picking up the address).  If you have trouble reaching me with this address (some people have), try (replace the # with a @).

     Click on the picture above, or the navigation bar below, to go to the swords.  Enjoy.


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