Accession No.:  0035

Type:  Thai [modern]

Overall length:  26 9/16 inch

Blade length:  16 3/4 inch

Tang length:  3 1/2

Handle length:  10  inch

Handle type:  3-part

Spine width at forte:  9/32 inch

Spine width at 1/3:  1/8 inch

Spine width at 2/3:  3/32 inch

Spine width at tip*:  1/16 inch

Curvature:  7/16

Tip shape:  upswept acute

Spine shape:  flat

Weight**:  13 ounces

Scabbard:  Wood with thin brass bands

Comments:  Handle wrapped with a continuos twisted flat iron wire; maker's mark at forte; copper slug inlaid on spine with "bamboo" design; contemporary Thai daab, likely for muay thai use; likely made by stock removal; ferrul and pommel are soldered copper sheet.

*taken 1 inch back from the tip

**out of scabbard