Accession No.:  0037

Type:  Shan

Overall length:  26 1/4 inch

Blade length:  16 7/8 inch

Tang length:  --

Handle length:  9 3/18 inch

Handle type:  5-part

Spine width at forte:  1/4 inch

Spine width at 1/3:  5/32

Spine width at 2/3:   3/32

Spine width at tip*:   1/16

Curvature:  3/16

Tip shape:  round

Spine shape:  rounded

Weight**:  14.5 ounces

Scabbard:  wooden, covered in silver sheets  

Comments:  heavily damaged; exposed wood had been recently painted red; silver coverings very worn and thin; handle constructed on wooden core, sheathed with a copper tube, and then covered with silver rings, wire and foil, and braided wrapping (string repair on ferrule); possibly differentially tempered

*taken 1 inch back from the tip

**out of scabbard