Accession No.:  C0022

Type:  Burman

Overall length:  27.5 inch

Blade length:  20 inch

Tang length:  

Handle length:  7.5 inch

Handle type:  3-part

Spine width at forte:  3/8 inch

Spine width at 1/3:  

Spine width at 2/3:  

Spine width at tip:  


Tip shape:  Concave

Spine shape:  flat (~1st 1/3), transitioning to peaked


P.O.B.:  5.5 inches from hilt

Scabbard:  wooden, with 6 silver bands

Comments:  Wide, well-defined fuller on each side, damascened in silver in elegant vegetal scrollwork at the forte.  The spine of the blade is damaschened in silver at the forte.  Chinse coin marked to the Qianlong era (1736-95 is attached to the pommel by brads.  The cylindrical grip appears to be of ebany, with heavy silver (or silver/coppy alloy) ferrule and pommel), has a checkered finish.

The concave tip is one that we have been associating with the Kachin, in part because it is likely derived from that of the heavier Kachin dao.  Overall this style also closely resembles the straight-bladed Kachin sword-dao (see, e.g., C0048 and C0049).  However, the simple three-part handle, and koftgari decoration at the forte, point strong to a Burman manufacture, if not stylistic origin.

Contributor:  Ian Greaves