Accession No.:  C0023

Type:  Burman

Overall length:  29.25 inch

Blade length:  22.5 inch

Tang length:  

Handle length:  7 inch

Handle type:  3-part

Spine width at forte:  

Spine width at 1/3:  

Spine width at 2/3:  

Spine width at tip:  


Tip shape:  upswept, acute

Spine shape:  peaked  


Scabbard:  wood with rattan binding

Comments:  Curved blade with pointed tip and a uniform dark patina.  Spine of the blade is peaked. Rows of incised eyebrow designs appear along the blade adjacent to the spine.  Unusual short hilt of unknown wood or bamboo with a small silver ferrule and a brass ring at the butt.  The wooden part of the hilt has a rich amber patina.  Scabbard is two pieces of wood held together with pairs of very thin rattan strips knotted along the bottom edge.  Late 19/Early 20 C.

The attribution of this dha  to the Burman is tentative.  It very closely resembles dha used by a variety of SEA people, including the Shan.  However, I distinguish this style from the corresponding Shan style based on the shorter handle and the square tip of the scabbard (compare, e.g., to 0043 and 0077).

Contributor:  Ian Greaves