Accession No.:  C0034

Greaves-Winston Type:  Metro Kachin

Overall length:  26 inch

Blade length:  18.5 inch

Tang length:  

Handle length:  7.5 inch

Handle type:  3-part

Spine width at forte:  

Spine width at 1/3:  

Spine width at 2/3:  

Spine width at tip:  

Curvature:  none

Tip shape:  square, slightly concave

Spine shape:  


Scabbard:  wood, painted red, with giled brass bands, chape and throat  

Comments:  Square-ended sword-dao with a blade that widens towards the end (see, Egerton, 1880, p. 88 and Fig. 19).  Blade is stained and shows some pitting.  Hilt is wood covered at either end with gilded brass or thin iron ferrules and the central section is covered with wire mesh.  The scabbard is wood with similar gilded fittings.  The toe of the scabbard has a flared metal fitting with applied floral designs.  A small baldric is present.  Early-mid 20 C.  Kachin.

Contributor:  Ian Greaves