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General Sword Resources, Discussion Forums, etc.

The Ethnographic Edged Weapons Resource Site (articles, information and the Ethnographic Arms & Armor Forum, covering ethnographic weapons worldwide -- dhas frequently discussed!)

Bladesign(Antonio "Cejunior" Conceicao, Jr.'s design web site -- very beautiful)

Bladesign Forum (A broad-base discussion forum on edged weapons and armor, contemporary and antique, their history, and construction)

Higgins Armory Museum (home page of the Higgins Armory Museum in Wochester, MA)

John's Dha/Darb Site (home page of a private collector of dha & contributor to the DRI)

Mediaeval Sword Resource Site (articles, information and forums on European medieval swords) ("A resource of historic arms and armour collectors")

Richard Stein's Japanese Sword Index (very comprehensive site on nihonto, including manufacture, classification, history, glossaries and fora)

SFI - Sword Forum International (very large and diverse site with information on modern and antique swords, swordsmanship, bladesmithing and more, also numerous discussion fora) ("Dedicated to the art of the sword and its myriad forms," including several discussion forums)

ThaiBlades Forum (Thai language discussion forum)

Theo's Favorite Knife Links (literally thousands of links to web sites relating to edged weapons, including this one!)


Resources of Dha-Related History and Culture

The Burmese Dha (an article on dha on "George's" web site -- for a long time the only information on dha available on the web)

Cambodia, A Country Study (Very comprehensive study by the Federal Research Division of the U.S. Library of Congress; includes history and a lengthy bibliography)

Chiangmai & Chiangrai Home Page (Everything about these two cities in northern Thailand, including essays on northern Thai culture and history)

The History of Burma (a brief summary of Burmese history, from the 8th Cen. to modern times, from

The History of Steel in Eastern Asia (on-line catalogue of the 2005 exhibition at the Macao Museum of Art, covering China, Korea, Japan, Continental Southeast Asia and the Philippines)

Introduction to the Art of Krabi-Krabong (Thai martial art using the dha, including pages on the history of the art, the weapons used, and how a krabi-krabong sword is made)

Laos, A Country Study (Very comprehensive study by the Federal Research Division of the U.S. Library of Congress; includes history and a lengthy bibliography)

Myanmar - Burmese Peoples (brief summary of the main ethnic groups of Myanmar) (a rather comprehensive site that discusses the history, culture, arts and language of the people of Myanmar/Burma)

Nanchao, Between China and Southeast Asia (web article by John Walsh; brief overview of Nanchao history)

Thailand, A Country Study (Very comprehensive study by the Federal Research Division of the U.S. Library of Congress; includes history and a lengthy bibliography)


Sources for Books Relating to Edged Weapons, Southeast Asia, or both

Alibris (good source for used, rare and out-of-print books) (of course ...)

Asia Bookroom

Myanmar Book Centre (Specializes in books on Burma & Southeast Asia; has out-of-print books, also provides facsimile copies of out-of-print books)

Orchid Press

Scholar's Bookshelf

Southeast Asia Publications (Illinois University, including an on-line index of the Journal of Burma Studies)

Southeast Asia Visions ("A collection of historic travel narratives" at the Cornell University Library - a great source for rare and out-of-print references, and all free if you have the patience to save them page-by-page)

White Lotus Press


Dealers Known to Carry the Occasional Dha, and whom I consider to be reliable and reputable, for what its worth -- no warranties express or implied, though ;)

Asoka Arts ("Ethnographic, eastern and ancient weapons and related artifacts for sale" -- and very fine ones at that)

Baltimore Antique Arms Show (About the largest antique arms show on the East Coast, and of late the occasion of the EEWRS annual Ethnographic Edged Weapons Symposium and dinner) ("Blade crafts from Aranyik" -- sells well-made, contemporary Thai daab, and other blades)

Czerny's International Auction House ("We are highly specialized in auctions of fine Arms & Armour, important Orders & Decorations, Militaria and Historical items")

Hermann Historica (An auction house specializing in militaria)

LionGate Arms & Armor, Inc. ("Buyers and sellers of fine antique edged weapons and armor")

Michael D. Long, Ltd. ("U.K.'s largest Fine Antique Arms, Armour and Militaria Dealers")

Oriental-Arms ("Antique Asian and African weapons" -- also has a glorious on-line gallery of edged weapons)

Seven Stars Trading Company (Antique Asian art, furniture, edged weapons and armor, plus sword polishing and restoration referral)

Tribal Trappings (Located in northern Thailand, carries an impressive variety of artifacts from cultures across South-east, South and Central Asia, including jewelry, textiles, art and, yes, weapons)

Valiant Co. (fully functional replicas and interpretations of blades from around the world, plus some antiques)


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